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tschuess 09-24-2012 10:20 PM

Intestine-like infection (w/pic)
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So I've been searching for anything that looks like the intestine-like substance at the bottom of my fermenter, but none of the infections I saw looked like this (see attachment).

I just transferred to this secondary, and almost all of the substance has dropped to the bottom. The smell when transferring was maybe a little weird but nothing too distinct. The beer itself looks like it has cleared incredibly otherwise.

One other important note is that the airlock blew off during the first few days of fermentation and was off for about 24 hours. I assume this is the cause, but I don't want to toss this batch if I don't have to. My plan is to bottle as much as I can without getting that stuff from the bottom. Anyone seen/dealt with this before? What else would be helpful to know?

Thanks in advance,

Here is some additional info:
- Style is a Belgian Dubbel from extract including candi syrup
- Starter was also used in a Belgian Tripel which is looking fine (but cloudy still).
- Temperature of the fermenter was room temperature starting a bit warm (low 70s and went to cooler at mid-upper 60s)
- Fermcap (too much added?) and Irish moss were used

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