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loftybrewer 09-28-2012 02:45 AM

Instant Kreusen (wlp410)
Ijust wanted to say that I pulled a jar of wlp410 wit II that I had in the fridge (with some grains of paradise and coriander still mixed in) to try in a cider. I decanted the liquid, poured it in a 1-gal carboy and followed it with almost a gallon of cider at room temp. Instant kreusen. It's been 3 hours and the airlock is going at a regular pace - not chugging, but working -, and the kreusen is still there. Further, the wit that I used the wlp410 with originally had a bready and pernicious kreusen. It kreusened into the airlock and all the way down the blanket I used to protect it from light. There were big bubbles with top-crop worthy yeast floating on top. When I cleaned it, the stuff felt like bread dough - weird. I mean thick like F***ing bread dough. No joke, I think I could have baked it. Smelled like dough too. AND those bubbles held on until I rocked the carboy just before racking to a bottling bucket. Does anyone else have experience with wlp410 wit II yeast? Just wondering, I'm very intrigued.

basilchef 09-29-2012 06:37 AM

Used it once, flooded my fermenter. Ill still use itagain. Such a good wit yeast. But certainly one unpredictable Motha

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