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firenemus 07-13-2012 09:54 PM

IIPA - notty yeast cake vs. 2 packs us-05 vs. liquid yeast
Hi Everyone,
O.K. so here's the deal; I'm attempting a IIPA Double Jack/Pliny clone this weekend. I'm using 15.5# grain and 1.5# corn sugar - estimated O.G. is 1.081. I'm planning on doing a mash schedule similar to what Firestone brewery uses (145* 60min - 155* 10min - 165* 10min). After visiting Firestone and reading around, it appears that the best yeast for a Union or Double Jack clone would be WLP002 (which I believe would then require the low mash temp to keep the sweetness in check). According to Mr. Malty I need more vials of WLP002 than I currently have. What I do have is a nice fat yeast cake of Nottingham from a Haus Pale Ale I did a couple weeks, 2 packets of US-05, some WLP001 harvested a month ago, and the new vial of WLP002 I mentioned earlier. So my question(s) is (are), do I use the yeast cake of notty (plenty of yeast), do I use the two packets of 05, or should I build an adequate starter of WLP002 over time? My concern with the Nottingham and US-05 is that they're neutral and won't bring much to the table. My hesitation about building up a suitable starter from the WLP002 (or even the cal 01) is that I really need to do this batch tomorrow or latest Sunday (two days away) and that I won't have enough time to step up an adequate starter.
Any suggestions, comments or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

duckmanco 07-13-2012 10:01 PM

Tough call really, but if it were my beer, I'd go with the Nottingham yeast cake, but used a measured portion of the slurry using a pitching rate calculator.

I'd ferment at 64-65 to bring out some of its English qualities without getting too estery. I think that's the best compromise between your time table, available yeast, and your worry about the yeast you use not bringing any character to the beer.

Also, if you go with Nottingham or us05/001/1056 consider a slightly higher mash temp as they will attenuate further than wlp002 usually. Again, if it were mine, I'd slightly lower the OG and keep the sugar and mash temp as written to get an even drier beer. Completely your call.

firenemus 07-14-2012 04:00 AM

Thanks duck. I think I'll follow your advice and mash at a higher temp. I want it clean and drinkable, so would 150* be a good temp or should I go higher or lower? Thanks for your input!

duckmanco 07-14-2012 03:56 PM

I think 150 would be great. Dry, and drinkable is what makes or breaks IIPA for me, not hop choice or method. This super big FG beers taste like malty sugar to me and get in the way of the hop character.

I'm off my high horse now, but yeah 150 and keep the sugar. As I don't know your system it's hard to say where the beer will finish, but for me I usually am happier if the beer finishes at a lower FG rather than a higher than expected FG, for hoppy beers anyway. I'd be happy with 1.010 from that beer and excited over 1.008-1.009. If you feel the same, go with 150, if not, try 152.

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