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Marauder 01-27-2013 02:22 PM

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Ok so I have done a lot of batches but have always been lucky so far as far as infection goes. This means I don't know what an infection looks like. I think this is just co2 escaping amongst the krausen, and I think the patch towards the bottom of the photo is just yeast clinging to each other. I wanted to be sure though. As I move into year 3 of brewing with no infection. I think its pretty safe to say IT WILL happen to eventually? So every batch I'm getting more and more nervous haha I almost just want to get an infected batch to get it over with, but not this batch, or the next one, and hopefully not the next either haha anyway, if somebody can take a look and confirm its ok that would be great. Thanks

And after I get some help anyone feel free to thread jack haha

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