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pcancila 02-15-2010 10:58 PM

HOUBLONMONSTRE TRIPEL IPA Conditioning Temperatures
Just brewed the HOUBLONMONSTRE TRIPEL IPA kit from Norther Brewer last Saturday. I had a crazy fermentation that lasted almost a week then slowed the past few days. OG 1.072, took a reading this morning at 1.01 and decided to go to secondary just a few hours ago.

Here is my question. I used a fermenter wrap in my basement that kept the beer for a whole week at 78 F, hence the crazy fermentation. Without the Ferm Wrap the beer will sit at 54- 56 F in my basement. Right now, I don't plan on using the ferm wrap again. I want to condition in the secondary for 4 weeks and i am thinking that 78 F may be too warm and give the beer an off tast.

So what do you guys think? Go back to 78F or let it condition at 55 F? Or a combination of both? Here is what i know about the beer and the yeast if it helps.

many great beer yeasts to produce classic Belgian ales. Phenolics
develop with increased fermentation temperatures, mild
fuitiness and complex spicy character. Apparent attenuation:
72-76%. Flocculation: high. Optimum temp: 65-85 F.

-- 3.15 lbs Pilsen malt syrup (60 min)
-- 6 lbs Pilsen malt syrup late addition (15 min)
-- 2 lbs Corn or Priming sugar late addition (0 min)
-- 1 oz Yakima Magnum (60 min)
-- 1 oz Saaz (15 min)
-- 1 oz Cascade (15 min)
-- 1 oz Saaz (5 min)
-- 1 oz Cascade (5 min)

Looking forward to your comments! All my bast beers came out awesome because you guys rock and give awesome advice!


NYCBrewGuy 02-15-2010 11:43 PM

I did a similar beer - a Belgian IPA, but I added some crystal and 2-row to the grain bill to skew a bit more towards an IPA. I went 3 weeks on the yeast in primary, then added dryhop for an additional week (I don't usually bother with the secondary, just left it on the yeast). Then bottled.

I also fermented at the high end for the yeast (WY 1762). Not sure if it was the fermentation temp but there are all kinds of off flavors in my beer that are very slowly fading. My 2-cents is to condition on the cool side, and give the yeast plenty of time to clean up after themselves.

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