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Jukas 09-28-2012 11:36 PM

First attempt at plating yeast
So 10 days ago I made my first attempt at plating yeast harvested from a commercial bottle for Sierra Nevada Kellerweis onto single use sterile petri dishes (I accidentally ordered plastic sterile thinking they were glass, long story).

When making my slants I added the left over agar mixture into baby food jars and included it in the pressure cooker. When it had finished for 20 min at 15psi and cooled for over an hour, while I was setting the slants I took a unopened sterile 10ml syringe and added 15ml of the agar mixture to each petri dish, and let them setup.

When they were set I drank a kellerweis (yum!) and then harvested yeast from it with an innoculation loop. I dipped in yeast only once for the inital transfer, then sterilized the loop and did a second swipe, then sterilized again and did a third swipe.

10 days later here's what my plates look like.


I've added arrows to what I believe are single colonies, and to my untrained eye these plates look good, but I'd love some feedback from the experienced community.

If all looks well I'm planning on sampling from some of the single colonies I've shown in the plates and transfering to slants. Probably sampling from 2-4 different colonies per slant, sterilizing the loop in between. Any changes or suggestions in the process or should that be good to go?

dozer5454 09-29-2012 01:04 AM

I too am interested in this process. I have all the stuff coming to do slants but not dishes. The yeast looks really good compared to some of the pics I have seen so far.

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