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wdwalter 01-12-2013 02:18 PM

Fermentation Temp schedule
Looking for some input here. I finally have a freezer dedicated to a fermentation chamber that allows me to control my beer's temp while fermenting. I have done 3 beers so far with it and I think they are coming along nicely (just recently bottled). For all 3 beers (all ales), I did a 3 week primary at about 60 degrees ambiet (I used to have a huge problem with fusels). Now, for my next batch I'm looking to change the schedule up a bit. Basic outline:

1. place chilled wort in chamber to get temp down to 60-65 before pitching
2. Allow beer to ferment one week at 60-63 ambient
3. Place beer in warmer area (68-70) for 2 weeks to let beer ferment completely
4. Bottle at end of 3 weeks

My big concerns with the previous method were too high of a pitch temp (about 70-72) and too long at the lower temps (not sure if they fully fermented out) (should have gotten an accurate hydrometer reading but didn't).

Thanks for any advice!

theveganbrewer 01-12-2013 09:40 PM

I'd take caution calculating your fermentation temps based on ambient temperatures. Try to find a way to measure the temperature of the wort during fermentation and get proper fermentation that way.

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