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CityOChampBrew 01-18-2013 05:51 AM

Favorite Yeast
So if someone put a gun to you head and told you that you had to only use one yeast in all of your brew from now on or die.... What would you choose and why?

Lately for me I would have to say wlp023.

beeber 01-18-2013 10:07 AM

Geeze, too many choices here, it would have to be something versatile. I would choose wyeast 2112 california common. I could cover a lot of styles with that one yeast.

BxBrewer 01-18-2013 01:19 PM


beergolf 01-18-2013 05:26 PM

I could go one yeast per tyle but never limit myself to just one yeast, because it would severly limit which styles I could brew.

1272 for IPA/APA's
1968 for English styles
3711 for Saisons
3787 for Belgians

CityOChampBrew 01-23-2013 04:40 AM

the whole point of the thread was if you couldn't choose more than one yeast, what would your go to yeast be. Yes, we live in a world were we aren't in that situation(thank god) but I was just trying to gauge what everyone uses as a go to yeast.

Grannyknot 01-23-2013 12:50 PM

simple. WLP001.

Warthaug 01-23-2013 12:54 PM

Life's not worth livin' if I have to stick to one yeast...

Varmintman 01-23-2013 01:00 PM

I have gone to one yeast only and it is coopers ale. At a cold ferment it is very clean and a warm ferment gives off some nice flavors. For me it is just not worth the hassle and cost of keeping more than one yeast but of course I brew very few different types of beer

patthebrewer 01-23-2013 07:09 PM

I might have to say wlp001, but man that would be a tough choice.

Hopper5000 01-23-2013 07:14 PM

Ya I would say wlp1. I almost solely use that one anyways. It would knock out any belgian beers, though, but that would be ok with me. It's very clean, agressive, and versatile. I could probably make good malty beers with it too. It also can go up to pretty high alcohol levels and it's a good attenuator.

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