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Photopilot 02-06-2013 04:49 PM

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Now I am confused, I was hoping that mr malty was my one stop source for yeast info. Now I need to figure out how much yeast I got and how much I need to pitch in the dual batch I am planning this weekend.

Photopilot 02-08-2013 08:53 PM

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Originally Posted by thadius856 View Post
While a 5L flask would be nice, it seems a bit comically large for most users here. And also, much more expensive than two smaller flasks.
I think the 5L flasks are actually kind of petite so I went with this.

Not really but I needed bigger than my 2L and this was the same price as the 5L at $40 and is also made of Pyrex. As you can see I made a fairly large starter. I have saved this yeast in mason jars and will use it to brew 36 gallons before growing another batch for future beers.

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