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meadmazer 10-07-2012 05:31 PM

"correct" way to restart fermentation?
Hello all

I believe I buggered an active fermenting mead when I racked to secondary after 1 week and left most the yeast behind.
Recipe is 17 lbs of mixed store bought honey and one gallon of pure huckleberry juice, sulphited, frozen, thawed. Fermaid K was added at start only, rehydrated red star Premier Cuvee yeast was used, 1 pack. 6 gallon batch.

Anyway, after racking sg stayed at 1.074 for 4 days, og is unknown. To finish somewhat sweet, and just because I had some, I rehydrated some safbrew s33, added a bit of must, aerated every 15 minutes adding more must over about 6 hours, and repitched. 2 weeks later sg is down to 1.068.
Because there was nothing to lose, 2 days ago I kegged a Muntons yeast mild IPA from a secondary fermentor, and racked 1/2 the mead onto that yeast cake.
Some activity there but not much.

So, what next?

Supposedly dry yeast has enough cells to not need a starter; with that, what is the best way to repitch? I have 1118, premier cuvee, 1022, 1116 yeasts to choose from, but only 1 of each. I could try 1 different pack in each mead I suppose...

Should I rehydrate and pitch into must, and aerate must again, or rehydrate and do a starter with fresh honey, or even dme, to allow yeast to go through respiration phase before pitching, and then not aerate must, so I dont oxidize the alcohol already in the mead?
Add more dap and Fermaid K, or no?
Rack mead into a nice clean fermentor off all the stuff on the bottom, or leave it there for food for the new yeast?

Thanks for any opinions/suggestions.


TipsyDragon 10-07-2012 06:22 PM

next time wait for fermentation to finish before racking. I say dump a packet of dry yeast in there and let it go as a lesson learned.

meadmazer 10-07-2012 09:40 PM

I pretty much already kicked myself. I am mostly curious about hurting the mead by aerating the alcohol already there, I dont want to help make vinegar or aldehyde etc. Aerate mead after pitching new rehydrated yeast, or aerate a starter first for a couple days, then pitch without aerating the mead? Or dont do starter, and pitch rehydrated yeast into mead without aerating?

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