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kcusmc 03-15-2010 08:17 PM

Can I use bottom fermenting yeast with a beer kit that comes with top fermenting yeas

I want to start brewing beer, and I want to start off easy. So, I just want to buy a beer kit. The one I chose was Munton's American Light. Here is the problem, I am living here in Germany, long story, and the only place I can store beer is in the cellar. It has no heating and is quite cold even in the summer. Right now it is 53 degrees. But the Munton's beer kit that I want, comes with top fermenting yeast. So, can I use the bottom fermenting yeast with the beer kit? I contacted Muntons brewing company and asked, they suggested that I buy a brewing belt. But I don't want to for two reasons. One, I have a very limited budget since I am a student and 2, I have been reading about the types of yeast and it sounds like I would prefer the bottom fermenting yeast from the resulting taste. I would really appreciate anyone who answers, this is the first time even typed on a forum, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong.


GroosBrewz 03-15-2010 08:24 PM

Welcome to the forum. It will be fine to use the bottom-fermenting (lager) yeast. Many brewers use ale yeasts in lagers and vice versa and it's always fun to experiment. You will make a good beer, no worries.. different, but good nonetheless.

hairy 03-16-2010 01:26 AM

welcome kcusmc! It is surely fine to use a bottom fermenting yeast for your kit. Don't worry. You might even appreciate the difference! That's the beauty of homebrewing, you can do your own style according to what you want. The best part is that it almost always doesn't turn out bad.

Using strange spices in large quantities is an exception though.

JVD 03-16-2010 01:49 AM

I would Lager (cold condition) your batch for at least 3-4 weeks after fementation has stopped @ 10f below your fermentation temp if using a lager yeast for best results!

kcusmc 03-16-2010 07:07 PM

Thanks a lot everyone, can't wait to start

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