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Willy Boner 01-24-2010 08:12 PM

2 packs of Nottinghams...... kinda scary
:mug:I'm brewing an 8 gal. batch in about a 9 1/2 gal. fermenter. I'm definitely using a blow off tube. After reading some threads talk about using a strong amount of yeast, I'm going with 2 packs of Nottinghams. Well every ferment is different so I'll be covering this bad boy up with a blanket or something over my fermenter inside my big plastic tub. Like I said kinda scary.:mug:
My Recipe:
11# light LME
1.5# Flaked Oats
1.5# Roasted Barley
1# Black Patent

2oz. Northern Brewer @ 60 min.

Conehead 01-25-2010 11:44 AM

If it gets up past 72F, you'll get off flavours with Nottingham.


NCBeernut 01-25-2010 11:50 AM

Flaked oats need to be mashed, FYI. I don't see any enzymatic base malt in that recipe.

winstonofbeer 01-25-2010 03:59 PM

+1 to blow off tube. I fermented between 64-68 and welll SWMBO was pissed when the airlock blew and beer was on the cieling.

First time useing notty....Have only been using us-05 was kinda shocked per say to find what a differnt yeast will do....Just cant wait to see what gravity comes out to be....

david_42 01-25-2010 04:51 PM

1.5# Roasted Barley? That sucker is going to bite back.

wildwest450 01-25-2010 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by david_42 (Post 1835770)
1.5# Roasted Barley? That sucker is going to bite back.

What about the pound of black patent?:D

brrman 01-25-2010 05:07 PM

yeah thats a WHOLE LOT of roast and dark grains.

nelstrodomus 01-25-2010 05:08 PM

I consistently make a 6-7% 11 gal batch of "pounda porter" with a pound each of chocolate, roasted barley and black patent. Not really a porter, but man does it taste good. Also fermented with notty as it's my house yeast.

Willy Boner 01-26-2010 02:11 AM

:mug:I did mini mash using the oven method, I went with so much black grains to just see if I could get closer to a Obsidian stout. I got a recipe that came from the Jamil show on brewing network? Here it is.

11.9 lb Pale 2 row
1.43lb. Black patent
1.1lb. Crystal 80
.66 lb. Cara-pils
.66 Munich Malt
.66 Wheat Malt
.11 lb. Roasted Barley

1 oz. Galena or Nugget 90 min.
1 oz. Willamette 30 min.
1 oz. Northern Brewer 5 min.

Thought that was a lot for a 5 gal. batch, but is a complex brew, I'm not that complex although I wished I would have used more hops.

permo 01-26-2010 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by nelstrodomus (Post 1835830)
fermented with notty as it's my house yeast.

+1 after experimenting with nottingham and US-05 for my default house yeast I have settled on nottingham. If you have the ability to completely control your temperature, nottingham gives you so many more options.

1. Ferment between 63-66 degrees for a clean, american ale style result
2. Ferment 57-61 degrees for a very crisp lager like brew
3. Ferment at 72-74 degrees to obtain some banana/clove esters that are suitable for some styles.
4. Do not ferment above 75. Ever :D

I have found nottingham to consistently attenuate and floculate better than US-05. I have also found that if both yeasts are pitched after following their respective rehydration protocols, the notty has a much short lag time.

If you control the temp you will have no blowoff problems. For example, I put 6 gallons of a 1.075 OG scotch ale, on a notty yeast cake in a 6.5 gallon bucket with a simple airlock. I kept her at 64 degrees or so and had no issues. After 5-6 days I was down to 1.019 or so.

Sorry, I just really like nottingham ale yeast. Maybe too much..it's great stuff...if you want to showcase premium malts and hops, nottingham will eat up the sugars and get out of the way. It drops like a rock.

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