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ipsiad 04-27-2012 03:14 PM

WTB Dark Lord Day ticket because my coworker sucks
So earlier this week, a coworker said he had an extra DLD ticket that he wanted to sell to someone who loved beer, rather than scalping it on eBay or something. I already have my tickets, but I have a buddy who really loves beer and just started homebrewing, but he wasn't able to get a ticket. So I told my coworker I'd take it. Deal done. I call my buddy and he's ecstatic.

Today I ask my coworker for the ticket, and he sheepishly says "Uh... I found someone to use it." Turns out he gave the ticket, for free, to some chick he knows who isn't even that hot and doesn't like beer.:mad:

While I plot revenge on my coworker, I need to find a ticket for my friend. There are some on craigslist/eBay of course for $50-$100 but I really can't do that. I know the tickets are hard to get (I had to drive out to Munster at 8am to get mine) so I'm okay with paying above face value within reason.

PM me if you have one you can part with and let me know what you want for it. My tickets are group A, but I'll take any ticket.

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