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818Derrick 10-03-2012 11:44 PM

Wort chiller in a bucket and keezer thermostat
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Hey there,
I have a few wort chillers and keezer thermostats that I made up for sale.
I made a few extra ones to offset my investment into a pilot brewing system.

The wort chiller is a copper counter flow style 3/8 diameter and 25' long and coiled up/ mounted in a bucket with hose cooling jacket. It has male and female hose bib ends coming out of the side of the bucket to connect to your hose bib. It works great!! At a syphen, it will drop boiling wort to 2 degrees above ground water temp. $120 shipped

The thermostat is wired up in a 4" sealed plastic enclosure with liquid tight fittings. It can run up to a 10 amp load and displays in Deg. F I run a full size refrigerator with one as a fermenter at around 65 deg F as well as a keezer on one keeping my beer at 35 deg. $75 shipped

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