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Guerin3j 04-03-2011 08:34 PM

Two 42qrt Polar Ware brew kettles
For Sale:
Two 42qrt Polar Ware brew kettles in excellent used condition. No stains or damage of any kind. Used less than one year, two brews per month at most.

Here is the Polar Ware description from their web site...
This quality 42 quart U.S. made Polar Ware pot features high grade deep-drawn 18-8 gauge stainless steel construction (.036 inch thickness), and a stainless steel 1/2" NPT ball valve which screws onto a welded 1/2 inch male NPT male pipe outlet in the pot bottom. The distance from the center of the valve to the outside bottom of the pot is only 1 and 1/16" inch, making it easy to drain all the wort.

This male nipple outlet also is threaded on the inside with 1/2 inch female NPT threads, so you can attach a Bazooka Screen or other item to the inside of the pot. Also provided is a 1/2 inch female pipe thread welded fitting (shipped sealed with a threaded stainless plug) 5 inches up from the bottom for an optional Mashing Thermometer. 15" wide, and 16" tall.

Each kettle includes a Blichman Brew Mometer (a $35.00 upgrade) and one kettle has been fitted with a sight glass for volume readings.

Asking Prices:
42qrt kettle,with brewmemeter, non-sight glass: $200
42qrt kettle, with brewmometer and with sight glass: $235
Stainless false bottom for brew kettle: $45
Stainless bazooka tube threads into valve: $10

All items listed above for: $450 or best offer.
Not interested in selling bazooka tube or false bottom separately from kettles. Will ship kettles anywhere in the lower 48 states via UPS ground for actual shipping charges from UPS. If you buy all for asking price I'll ship free via UPS ground.
Please contact me direct with questions and for photos at: ccroastery1@gmail.com

Thundercougarfalconbird 04-18-2011 05:40 PM

I doubt you'd be interested but since you haven't got any offers. I'd pay 130 for the kettle with the sight glass(one just sold 140 without sight glass and used less shipped)

wahmbush 04-25-2011 07:07 PM

still for sale or taking offers?

mad hops 04-26-2011 12:23 AM

Still available or? I may be interested.

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