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runningweird 08-21-2012 01:33 AM

Tap Handles
I made my own tap handles out of Home depot banister supports and they do the job but we are considering a move and I want to "class up" but 6 tap tower because I really want to install it directly into the kitchen counter top.

Does anyone have any nice tap handles sitting around? heck I would even like 6 matching black plastic tap handles if I could get them cheap enough.

Let my know what you have HBT!

thanks, Ian

mux 08-21-2012 02:08 AM

black plastic handles are cheap. Check out rite brew, you can get 6 handles for 11$

Shopdog 08-21-2012 02:11 AM

I make custom tap handles from various exotic and domestic hardwoods. Take a look at some of the various ones I've done at the link below and see if something sparks your interest. If you wanted something where all six matched, I could duplicate a relatively simple pattern all in the same wood, or have the same pattern, but different woods across all of them to distinguish one brew from another. Send me a PM if you want to talk it over.



vp1839 08-21-2012 02:20 AM

#10 is awesome!

res291que 08-21-2012 02:27 AM

I have a lathe and can make you a couple, let me know if you are interested and we will work something out.

Shopdog 08-21-2012 02:37 AM

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Originally Posted by vp1839
#10 is awesome!

If you like that spiral twist look, check theses out. I made them for the owner of homebrewstuff.com as a trade for some kegging equipment. They were a pain to do, but turned out awesome.

ekjohns 08-21-2012 02:51 AM

dude that one on the left is AWESOME how much would one of those things run me?

Shopdog 08-21-2012 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by ekjohns
dude that one on the left is AWESOME how much would one of those things run me?

Yeah, that one was awesome. I turned it on a lathe and then hand carved the spirals out of black walnut with a turquoise inlace. It took me almost 5 hours to make. I almost hate to say it, but if I were to do that type again I'd have to charge around $120 to get my time back out of it. My other ones go for closer to $40, but these spirals just take forever. Let me know if you want to see any others I've done or have available. I made over 50 different handles to date, so there are lots of options out there.

ekjohns 08-21-2012 03:09 AM

well being a broke ass graduate student I can not afford that. Maybe one day.... Either way that sir is a thing of beauty. You are defiantly a very skilled person

Indytruks138 08-21-2012 03:10 AM

I would also love one or a couple of the left ones if the price is right.

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