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nsap 01-10-2013 02:50 PM

Steel Stock and/or Strut For Building a Rig
Located in Vermont. Let me know if you have any extra. Can't seem to find strut anywhere around here for less that total rip off prices.

Commonwealth 01-11-2013 04:22 AM

Hey nsap, i live in Montpelier area and work in Essex. I priced some stainless square stock at capitol steel a year and a half or two years ago. I was looking at 1.5" instead of the 2" and remember it came to just shy of $400 for the 40' called for in the original brutus plans.

I dont know much about metal prices but do know we all need to make a living including the miners and the distribution chain that gets the metal all the way up here to Vermont. That said I haven't coughed up the dough for it cause i was strapped for time and wouldnrather brew than build if given the choice. I did find much cheaper prices at the local metals recycling outfit (like $100-150 for 2" diameter), however he rarely sees square stock only round pipe. The complex joinery required by the round pipe and the fact that i havent procured or learned welding yet has prvented me from going this route. I've got a 10 month old (and he is our fourth in 6 years) so I haven't really been able to find much more free time lately. I would also recommend watching craigslist for scrap or construction leftovers. But i think between a recycler and hawking CL you could find some thing. PM me if you want the recycler's contact info, and lt me know if you stumble into a larger quantity to buy. I could invest in the materials now, one day mybrood will be grown and i will build my own stand ;-)

CoalCracker 01-11-2013 12:22 PM

There is a place in PA here that I buy my steel from and it's 11 for 10 foot 1.5 square 14ga. If I were you, I would look local for steel and find someone to weld it up. Or, if you any type of handy, weld it yourself. I bought a cheap HF welder and have had so much fun learning and using it. I've built two stands and a utility table with it.

dallasdb 01-11-2013 11:21 PM

If you have a local Grainger check them.

mux 01-12-2013 12:09 PM

You can get strut at Home Depot.

argoodin 01-12-2013 02:26 PM

Two questions - are you looking for stick steel or unistrut? Second question - would you be interested in a pre-cut kit for a Brutus 10 or Doghouse rig shipped standard ground shipping, ready to weld?

I guess third question - how does one get a vendor account here?

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