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altbier1516 06-29-2009 11:48 PM

Stainless Steel Brew Stand
Brew Stand-Polished Stainless Digitally Controlled
This is a heavy duty polished stainless steel brew stand with a digital automatic HL tank. The HL tank burner is controlled by a Love temp controller and a Honey Well gas valve automatic ignition system. The burners are all 23 tip low pressure burners. This stand will hold any brew pot or keg out there, from an 8 gallon pot to BoilerMaker 55 Gallon Brew Kettle. Only three batches brewed on it!


Send any questions to altbier1516@gmail.com

Made of 2x2x .120 Stainless steel tubing
Stainless Steel Nema Control panel
2 Loves Temp Controllers
2 March pumps with stainless steel covers
Counter flow wort chiller
Stainless Quick Disconnects ( about 5 sets)
Low pressure regulator
About 20 feet of silicone hose
What is not included
Herms coil
Thermocouples for temp controllers

More pics Brew Stand picture by altbier1516 - Photobucket

kronik 06-30-2009 05:36 AM

Damn, wish you were closer, I would buy it tomorrow.

Pintodave 07-01-2009 04:13 AM

Wow that is a nice rig and a good price for the work that you have into it I think... If I wasn't so far into my rig I'd be interested...

Who ever buys it is getting a nice piece!

Good luck on the sale!

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