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ShortSnoutBrewing 03-08-2012 03:24 AM

Single Tier - 3 Burner Brewstand - Portland, OR
Single tier brewing stand. 3 Banjo burners for MLT, HLT, Boil kettle. Each burner has it's own propane connection but hard plumping for use with one tank is quick and easy. 1" square SS tubing. Plastic shelf below the burners for storage, pump, chillers. There are some holes drilled in the shelf where I had my pump and chiller (not included). There is also a little warping in the shelf but it doesn't hinder the functionality at all. There are also tabs welded to the top structure to prevent accidental pushing off of your kettles (if you're using converted kegs). Locking casters for easy moving from storage to brewing space. This sale is for the stand only. No pumps, chillers, or kettles included. Email for questions. Asking $800 and I will entertain reasonable offers. Pick up preferred, or we can figure out delivery options. This stand has served me well for over 2 years. PM with questions. Local pick up or delivery please. Not looking to ship.

Thanks for looking!





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