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gunmetal 11-09-2011 05:13 AM

Qty 2 - cadillac e keggles
I call these e keggles cadillac because they (qty 2) have all of the features in one that I like. First up they both have 3/4" 3 piece tri clover valves, one a red handle, one a blue.

All of the fittings on the keg are welded tri clover ferules. 3/4" for the valves. The valves also have a 3/4" tri clover to 1/2" female pipe thread adaptor on the output of my making.

The interior of the kegs have a 3/4" compression fitting dip tube attached to the valve ferule.

Because these are Electric keggles each keg has a 1.5" tri clover ferule welded to the keg with a 1.5" tri clover to 1" thread adaptor for the heating element also of my design.
Following the E keggle design are 3/4" tri clover ferules welded to the keg with temperature probe adaptors to 1/4" pipe thread.
Both kegs also have a thermowell welded to the keg with a 3" face stainless thermometer with a range of 0 240 degrees. No interior threads on the inside of the keggle, and no need to take thermo out for cleaning.
Both kegs were made identical to each other. Both have 3/4" tri clover valves with a tri clover to 1/2" female pipe thread adaptor, 1.5" tri clover heating element adaptors, 3/4" tri clover to 1/4" temperature probe adaptors, thermowells with 3" face 0 to 240 degree thermometers, and 3/4" stainless compression fitting dip tubes on the inside. Kegs do not include heating elements (shown for illustration only) or temp probes. The heating element adaptors are mounted on the right side of the kegs and the temperature probe adaptors are mounted on the left side.
First up the "Miller keg" it has the highet polish and just a small dent or two.
Heating element tri clover adaptor (heating element not included)
Valve and thermowell.
temperature probe adaptor 1/4" pipe thread.
The second keg is the "Dos Equiss keg" The polish is real good, but not quite as nice as the miller keg, and it may have a couple more small dents than the miller keg.
Heating element adaptor.
valve and thermowell.
Temperature probe adaptor.
I was limited to ten pictures in this post, so I was not able to show everything in exteme detail. The pictures speak for themselves. I am no professional by any means, just someone that has been collecting parts for years. When these two are gone there will be no more. I am asking $240.00 for each keggle complete with valves, thermometer, dip tube, heating element adaptor, and temperature probe adaptors. All gaskets and clamps will come with kegs as well as an extra 3/4" ferulle, gasket, and clamp. Shipping is the killer. While local pick up would be nice, I expect shipping to run between 30 to 55 dollars per keg. The boxes to ship them in costs me $12.50 each, which is included in the costs of each keg. I will charge actual UPS shipping charges from 43215 (Columbus, Ohio) and check with Fed Ex to see if it can be shiped cheaper. Price is firm, do the math and see what gator grit pads, kegs, thermos, tri clover valves, etc. costs. I am doing this to raise some cash for the holidays, not to make a killing. All welding was done (tig) by a local shop who has done all my work for years, the guy is a great welder, the polish on the kegs make it hard to pick up the fine work. I am not a premium member, so I am limited to 5 personal messages. First repllies to post will be treated first, not personal messages. If that person does not like shipping costs, etc. then I will continue to the next person.

MotivationDedication 11-09-2011 06:19 AM

i must be a noob at the "e-keggle" design, mind posting a link to what design you went off?

You say it has the heating element adaptor but no heating element, will just any element fit?

gunmetal 11-09-2011 11:29 AM

the adaptor has 1' threads, so any element will screw in that has 1" threads which is most common.

Bobby_M 11-09-2011 11:32 AM

I think they are more like Oldsmobiles without the sight glass but that's just me. Just kidding, those are real purdy.

hatfieldenator 11-09-2011 11:50 AM


Also, is the output from the valves 1/2" threaded? I need to be able to screw in my quick disconnect fitting.

gunmetal 11-09-2011 12:07 PM

Yes, the output of the valve has a tri clover to 1/2" female pipe thread adaptor.

rycov 11-09-2011 12:12 PM

those are kick ass. i'm jealous:(

IrregularPulse 11-09-2011 12:28 PM

These are purdy! And less than an hour away from me. Wish you'd had these a couple years ago!

hatfieldenator 11-09-2011 12:40 PM

Payment sent! I'll contact you about picking it up after I talk with my brother in law who lives up by you. Thanks!

gunmetal 11-09-2011 02:22 PM

One is sold, and one is still available.

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