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aludwig 08-03-2012 01:40 AM

Misc Electric Brewing Parts
I collected anything and everything I thought might be useful for a couple years while I was building my electric control panel. The result is I have a bunch of leftover stuff. I intend to use any money or trades to improve my wort separation/chilling equipment. All of these are used but were in operating condition when I got them. I have multiples of some items and can send more images on request. I included shipping in the cost, but PM me and we can work out a deal if interested

Items For Sale:
Watlow Anafaze CLS208 Temperature Controller $75
24v supply power, 8-channel control, RTD or TC input
Includes mounting hardware

Watlow DIN-A-Mite solid state Power Controller (25A/240V) $20
with built-in heat sink, can control 2 legs independently based on input signals
These are DIN rail mount or surface mount

ABB (Germany) Circuit Breakers (I have a couple of each amp rating)
3-pole; 63A, 32A, 20A $20ea
2-pole; 25A, 16A, 10A $15ea
These are DIN rail mount

ABB (Germany) 4-pole GFI, 63A, 30mA $20 (Note: this is not intended for personnel protection. Use 5mA for that.)
These are DIN rail mount

Telemechanique 40A/240V contactor, 24v coil $25ea
These are DIN rail mount

Square D 30A Circuit Breakers, 3-pole $15ea
These are DIN rail mount or panel mount

Square D 20A Circuit Breakers, 2-pole $10ea
These are DIN rail mount or panel mount

90A/240V Crydom Solid State Relays (D2490) $20ea.

50A/240V Crydom Solid State Relays (D2450) $15

10A/120v Ice Cube Socket and Relay (1 and 2-pole) $5ea.

Sonalert 30mm 6-28v Alarm Buzzer $10

15A/250V (L6-15) Male plug end $6

15A/250V (L6-15) Female plug end $6

8' length 14-3 SJ Cable with 15A/250v (L6-15) male plug and 1/2" plastic cord grip $15 - These are great for pumps and other auxilliary items.

I would be willing to consider fair trades for any of the following items:
- 25' Counter Flow Chiller (copper in garden hose type)
- 20 plate chiller
- 25' immersion chiller (for pre-chiller)
- Aeration dip tube with carbonation stone
- 5 gallon corny kegs

Thanks for looking!

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