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B-Dub 11-15-2010 04:39 AM

JSP Bare Bones Gear Driven Malt Mill w/ Case Hardened Rollers - $185
This is a bare bones JSP gear driven adjustable mill with case hardened rollers. The rollers are 10" long and 1.5" round. There are pictures of these mills all over the internet.

This is brand new in the box never been used. After the mill arrived I rethought my plans for it. Look online for more information on this mill.

The first link is from Brewmoor and is using his mill for a small brew pub. He has a short video in the post that is pretty cool.



All the sheaves and belts are common and can be bought through McMaster Carr.

Price is firm because this is a new mill. Thanks for looking.

I would like to avoid shipping if possible. If you want it shipped the cost is $26 and you can send the $$$$ through PayPal.

B-Dub 11-26-2010 11:13 PM

Black Friday? Sure what the hell! If you want to upgrade to a nice new mill I will sent it free of charge! $185 for a new mill shipped!! Send a PM if interested.

Have a good weekend!


B-Dub 12-08-2010 04:24 AM

Well it looks like I have no takers so the plans are to make this thing work in my system. I might have to build a new stand and hopper to make it work.

Thanks for looking.


runs4beer 12-08-2010 02:22 PM

If I understand it correctly, what you’re selling is the adjustable mill (model BBA) which lists at $99 with the gear drive option and the case hardened rollers option adds $50 and $30 respectively.
All of the above pricing comes from Schmidling web page: http://schmidling.com/bbordpp.htm
From them we’d need to pay $15 for shipping so with your offer for free shipping there saving of $9….
If what you’re selling is different let me know.

B-Dub 12-08-2010 07:43 PM

The mill is the AA and sells for $194 with shipping. Yeah, your right in saying you would save $9. I was hoping to sell it to someone local without shipping for a savings of $24. Not that much overall savings, but it is new, still in the box.

Thanks for looking,


runs4beer 12-08-2010 08:26 PM

I see, time permitting you should do the build out, I’ve seen one made motor and Sheaves from a dryer, most happen to have a similar RPM and are about a horse. Most dryer are dump because the heating element dies. with the free motor and Sheaves you might do off set the cost better and maybe someone local doesn’t have the knowhow to DYI one.
Hope you end up flipping it.

B-Dub 12-08-2010 11:05 PM

Thanks R4B. I just have to build a new mounting table and I will use the motor, sheaves and belt from the BC I have now. Not that bad, but lack of time takes away brewing time and creates project time. The wife only likes me to spend half my week in the garage brewing! :D

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