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KCPyrate 11-16-2009 06:26 PM

Electric HERMS Brewing System (Kansas City Area)
Not mine & I would assume it is out of my price range but I found this on Craigslist and thought someone here might be interested.


I emailed for more details and this is the info that I received:

"The system is 2 tier with 3 SS pots. 2 are from beer kegs and the boil pot is from a medical oxygen tank. The boil pot holds 15.5-16 gallons to boil down to 12. The Hot Liquor Tank(HLT) and the mashtun are both controlled by PID digital controllers. HLT has 2 - 4500w elements in it. The system runs off of 2 30A 220V circuits. There is a high temp pump for circulating the mash liquid. The mash PID controls a 3 way valve that either bypasses the coil inside the HLT or circulates through the coil depending on whether or not the mash needs to be heated. The HLT also has a level gauge mounted to the outside. It runs great. Once you set the mash and have it insulated there is basically no maintenance for an hour till you start to rinse the grains. Water is plumbed onto the cart to run through a filter(not included) up to the HLT for easy filling. This system will produce 12 gallons of beer as is, but I would sometimes set another mash in a converted cooler to do a double batch in about the same amount of time.

Price is negotiable. I am looking for a fair price. If you’re interested, give me a call at the number below to set a time to come and see it."

amercuric 11-17-2009 05:36 AM

Very cool.

http://images.craigslist.org/3k83od3...556897155a.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/3n23k03...38b2771719.jpg

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