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OntarioBeerKegs 10-06-2010 05:04 PM

15.5 Gallon Ball lock Cornie's 110
Stainless, ball lock. 15.5 Gallon Cornie's shipped right to your door for 110.00 even. Use them for fermenters, dispensing, carbonating whatever. These are the tall ones, from a wine brewery.

Can contact me at patjameswalker@hotmail.com if interested. If you are in SW Ontario and want to pick some that is fine as well.


crlova2 10-06-2010 05:07 PM

Can we get a picture of these please?

OntarioBeerKegs 10-06-2010 05:18 PM

Your wish is my command, see above.

wildwest450 10-06-2010 05:36 PM

Dimensions please.

IrregularPulse 10-06-2010 05:37 PM

How many of these do you have?

klyph 10-06-2010 05:43 PM

110 shipped is a very good deal.


OntarioBeerKegs 10-06-2010 05:48 PM

These stand 3foot high and 1 foot diameter. Because of the size these are shipped by simply slapping the address on it and sending as a irregular parcel (trying finding a box for them!). I have 10 total, if you prefer the safety of ebay you can buy them off me there for 125.

OntarioBeerKegs 10-06-2010 05:53 PM

Sorry, make that seven left. Going to work for the day cheers.

humann_brewing 10-06-2010 05:55 PM

I want one, I will msg you

Sacdan 10-06-2010 06:17 PM

I will take two if you still have them. Tried to PM, but your box is full. Also sent an email.

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