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Scut_Monkey 06-01-2009 03:38 AM

Will warming cold beer affect conditioning
I realize that allowing cold beer to warm to room temp and then recooled will not affect flavor (under normal circumstances). My question is that from this past weekend I have a chilled six pack of beer left over that has only bottle conditioned 2.5 weeks. I realize that the beer would benefit with a longer bottle conditioning time and I am wondering if the yeast that were chilled will have difficulty when it gets back to room temp. My instinct tells me it will be just fine but just thought I would see if anyone had experience with this. It's always easiest to learn from others fortunes and failures! :D

ifishsum 06-01-2009 05:17 PM

I should work, if you're looking for a little more carbonation you may want to gently roll the bottles to re-rouse the yeast. I've done it before when I didn't have quite the carbonation level I wanted, pulled them out to room temp for a couple more weeks and they definitely improved.

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