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vrodbrad 12-20-2012 11:04 AM

Wife says no on Keezer
So I asked the wife if I could turn the chest freezer into a keezer and she said hell no:mad:(. Well there goes that idea. I don't have the room to put one in at this point, and don't want to really bottle anymore. So I think for now I am going to get the tap a draft system. found a guy selling a fridge turned into a kegerator for 65 dollars here in klamath falls, OR, on craigslist, but like i said no room for that either dang it. but all well.:mug:

BadNewsBrewery 12-20-2012 11:07 AM

You could always do a jockey box... keep the keg warm, cool the beer before it's poured.

Grantman1 12-20-2012 11:25 AM

Welp, that's it. Time to get a new wife.


wubears71 12-20-2012 11:48 AM

Remember its usually easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

pellis007 12-20-2012 11:56 AM

Seriously? That's it?

Mogwai 12-20-2012 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by ryno1ryno (Post 4700894)


DRonco 12-20-2012 12:12 PM

Happy wife, happy life!

VegasJ 12-20-2012 12:16 PM

my girl originally frowned... So searching through Keezer projects I found one that closely matched our furniture & called her in to show it to her.

I said, "hey, babe... check out this guys shoe cabinet"

Once I heard her say, "oh that looks nice.... but are those beer fauc.."

I cut the bitch off and said 'oh, you likie? good, cause I'm building one, it's for beer, & its going in the kitchen'


actually, I did show her one that matches our stuff pretty closely & she did like it. That gave me the ok to attempt a build and make room for one.

Pappers_ 12-20-2012 12:16 PM

If space is an issue, you could perhaps find a wine cooler fridge - they come in a size that is bigger/taller than a mini fridge - and put a keg inside it with a picnic tap. I have one of those and it works well. It requires some space, but its much smaller than a keezer or regular kegerator.

ajwillys 12-20-2012 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by vrodbrad (Post 4700826)
So I asked the wife if I could turn the chest freezer into a keezer and she said hell no:mad:(.

Is this by any chance a chest freezer full of food? Could that perhaps be the problem?

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