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ChshreCat 09-13-2009 02:23 AM

Who do you share with?
It came up in another thread that someone brings homebrew to their doctor. I gave some to my real estate agent.

So, other than the usual suspects of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers... who have you shared your homebrew with?

carnevoodoo 09-13-2009 02:28 AM

Friends, family, and coworkers. I just took 5 gallons to the park for a friend's birthday today. It goes over pretty well.

I've also gotten some to some of the better brewers in town.

SavageSteve 09-13-2009 02:28 AM

A package store owner right down the road from me.


SavageSteve 09-13-2009 02:29 AM

Oh, and my landlord. Gave him some apfelwein.


buzzkill 09-13-2009 02:29 AM

mostly friends,a few family members. I have used it to barter with when our house A/C unit needed a charge.

I have heard that you can trade it for some ganja...but that must be a myth. :cross:

Brooklyn-Brewtality 09-13-2009 02:29 AM

Anyone who asks. I just brewed the beer for my Sister-in-Law's wedding, so that was 200 people right there.

eriktlupus 09-13-2009 02:29 AM

the greek dude who owns the cafe down the road. i get an unabridged opinion and the occasional meal for it.

pnh2atl 09-13-2009 02:38 AM

I'm a pilot and fly to Dubai every few months. The only beer to be had is Heineken or Corona (Guinness here or there) but all of them are only available at restaurants or duty free at the airport. So I drag a 6 pack or so and share it with the other 3 guys.

MistyMountainHops 09-13-2009 02:39 AM

I work as a dental supply rep - so I share with dentists all the time! They love it!

Joos 09-13-2009 03:12 AM

The liquor store down the street.They have beer tastings every Saturday and the owner asks me to bring in a bomber.I get 10% off when I do;)

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