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Originally Posted by Obliviousbrew View Post
I´m going to break down a recipe cost (i buy in euros most of the times but prices are in dollars and quantities in kilos 2pounds: .09 kilos)

23 liter IPA (a little over 6 gallons:

4.5 kg of pale malt.......................$5
0.5 kg of diverse cristal malts.........$1.45
1 kg (munich or vienne).................$1.8
0.3 kg of table sugar.....................$0.3
1oz of high alpha hop for biterring....$1
2oz cascade................................$1.9
2oz centennial.............................$4.5
1 oz summit.................................$0.8

total grains+ hops: $15.75

yeast: from a plate or slant cost of making one slant...around $ 0.15,
Dme wort needed to step up from a single cell colony: $....1.5
Miscelaneos¡us (caps, wirfloc, chemicals for water, sanitizers and cleaners) no more than $1.5.

total cost: $18.90 ad that $1.10 for electricity. And there you go $20 for 6 gallons IPA (that will give around 5.6 gallons bottled)

Of course this is made up recipe that I´ve never brewed but the cost are even a little higher of real cost, I´m acounting for shipping costs as well, and this are of things I have in stock..., you can definitely brew a beer for less than $20 a pale ale will cost less in hops, or you can make a bigger IPA and spend more.
I would guess most people are figuring more than $01.65 for yeast. 2 row costs me about $1.35 per pound. With 10 pounds of 2 row and $6.75 for yeast I'm at $20 per batch. Are you buying grain in bulk?

My LHBS would let be buy a 50 pound bag and credit it to my account so I really wouldn't have to walk out with a 50 pound bag. I need to look into how much that would save me since I appear to be brewing on a regular basis.
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I buy in bulk everything that I can. I don´t use american 2 row but english pale (2-row) a bag of pale can cost me €21 shipped around 1.05- 1.10 USD a kilo. Yeast: I decided to start a yeast bank so I only have to buy on pack and never buy it again, only DME and agar for the plates/slants and DME to step it up. I know that I´ll be brewing often so I never bougth a kit in my life. I also only use my own recipes so I can dial it in to make sure that I use my stock.

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My PM beers run around $0.80 each (12 ounces, so $1 per pint, neglecting sediment losses).

Typically it's something like 3 pounds DME at $4/pound, 6 pounds of grain at around $1.50 a pound, about $4 for water if I'm not using tap, $3 or so for hops, $5-$10 for yeast (including the starter costs if needed), and a buck or two for nutrients and miscellaneous. That works out to $35-$40 for a 5 gallon batch, which typically gets me 50 bottles.

This is ignoring bottling costs since I usually reuse bottles, as well as cleaners and sanitizers. I figure those probably add a couple bucks a batch on average in the long term. For planning purposes, I assume it's about $1 a bottle.

Ignoring equipment costs, I probably come out a bit ahead. I have not increased my consumption at all, it's pretty much always been one beer per day for the last few years. When I buy beer, I usually stick to fairly mass market stuff (Sam Adams, Guinness, etc) and can usually find something on sale for ~$12-$15 for a 12-pack. So I'm not saving much if anything, but I'm not losing either.

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