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Default What a DISASTER!

So I attempted to bottle some of my RIS and put the rest of it in a secondary today. I haven't had this bad of a day doing anything brew related in my 25+ batches.

Let's count the things that went wrong:

1. After starting the siphon I checked the FG and it came in at 1.033. So i thought crap this thing didn't finish. But thats not terrible for the style and I figured the yeast petered out at 10% abv.

2. So I made my priming solution for 2.5 gallons and set off. However I SUCK at siphoning and ended up spraying beer everywhere and I'm sure oxygenating the crap out of it.

3. So now that i have .5 gallon less than I planned on top of a priming solution that is set for 2.5 gallons.

4. Lastly that half gallon of beer had to go somewhere and that somewhere was all over swmbo's stuff. Lovely. SHe told me to hold off on bottling until she could help me in the next 7-8 days.

So lets review. I have a 70$ stout that I've invested 6 weeks in that has the possibility if not probability of being infected, oxygenated, and subject to bottle bombs. And on top of that I'm definitely going to be in the doghouse with swmbo.

Man as soon as I think I have my system down, the beer gods just want to humble me and let me know that I'm not hot sh*t after all.

Anybody else have stories to make me feel better?


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Nope. Nothing like that. But hopefully I have many years ahead of me to try!

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First time I kegged was in 2009. Bought a chest freezer with tower, lines, CO2 tank and regulator used. Could not pour a beer without it coming out at an explosive rate. At first thought I had frozen the keg, which I indeed had.

Problem solved? No.

as I was checking other things, I took the faucet off without disconnecting the beer line. At least a half gallon spraying me in the face and everything within 180 degrees of the tower.

Problem solved? No.

Turns out I had a bad diaphragm in my regulator. Freakin keg was pressurized to some ridiculous number. Probably an unsafe number.

Really glad that is behind me.

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I was cleaning out one of my primary buckets into the sink when the drain clogged up. Forgetting that I had been using straight hot water, I plunged my hand in to unplug it.

Being instantly scalded, I turned on the cold water and stuck my hand under it to cool it off. Problem is that two seconds earlier I had been using hot water, and well of course there is still hot water in the pipes, which then ended up scalding my already scalded hand.

I threw the bucket in frustration.

Of course, then I had to go pick the bucket up.

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I was making a barley wine. I over boiled it and ended up with a gravity much higher than I expected. Worse, when I was draining the boil kettle to the carboy, I decided to put some of the equipment away. I came back and the hose had fallen off. There was at least a gallon of wort on the floor. So my 5 gallon batch ended up closer to 3.5 gallons.

Tried to do a bochet several months ago. I watched the cooking honey for a while, but it wasn't bubbling up much so decided to take a break for 15 minutes. Came back and there was black honey all over my stove and counter. I dumped what was left and spent the next 2 hours scrubbing.

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You could probably get away with calling your oxygenated and infected RIS an Old Ale and win some competitions.

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