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thisgoestoeleven 06-21-2012 02:59 AM

Very strange recipe put together by my LHBS. Feedback?
I went to my LHBS this past weekend with the plan of getting ingredients to make a simple American pale ale. What the guy recommended was 12.75lbs of American 2-row, 1.5lbs of Crystal 10L, 1oz of Centennial, and 1oz of Citra with Wyeast 1056 as the yeast.

Being new to all-grain (this will be my 3rd batch, my 2nd one coming out way under my target gravity), I'm not totally sure what to look for in an accurate recipe, but 14+lbs of grain struck me as a little odd. I plugged the recipe into Hopville, and got a whopping 7.9%abv. My mash tun is an insulated bottling bucket with a mesh bag as a filter, so he anticipated that my efficiency would be around 65% rather than the standard(?) 75%. Setting the efficiency at 65 on Hopville gives me an ABV of 6.0%, which is way closer to what I was going for, but the whole thing just strikes me as odd.

As I said, I've done 2 AG batches already. The first, I hit my gravity spot on. This past one, I was way under. So I'm still dialing in the process. Should I just brew this whole grain bill and see what happens, or should I maybe cut it down to 12lbs or so?

bwarbiany 06-21-2012 03:18 AM

Do you know your efficiency on the other two batches? I'd aim for a recipe that hits your target gravity maybe midway between the efficiencies of those batches, as you don't know where it might end up.

Either way, a recipe like this should be pretty forgiving to a wider range of efficiency. I'd drop it a bit (10%+), so that a wide efficiency range would put you somewhere between 5 and 7 %. But a simple pale ale with these hops should be fine at 5% or at 7%, or anywhere in between.

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