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chaos2984 11-27-2012 02:32 AM

trying something new distilling wort?
So my buddy at work likes drinking moonshine and such. He gets real moonshine threw a guy at work, but is getting costly and sometimes its not to tasty. He wants to make his own for personal consumption.(I know the legality of it and all) He likes the beer that i brew. We are looking to make our own. But thinking about doing something different and distilling beer before you carb it. Like going threw the same process of brewing it and fermenting it. But when its done heating it up to correct temps and distilling it. Would it work theory wise and would any of the spirits pick up any of the beer flavors or not??

pokerfreak2 11-27-2012 02:58 AM

Deleted :drunk:

passedpawn 11-27-2012 03:01 AM

come on you guys, you know the rules.

45_70sharps 11-27-2012 03:03 AM

The best thing I can say is that one of the dumbest things you can do is to advertise, and ask for advice about committing federal crimes online.

The only thing worse would be to do it on a hugely popular alcohol related site where it's more likely to be seen by ATF.

chaos2984 11-27-2012 03:04 AM

we were thinking about getting a big pressure cooker and modify it for a temp gauge and copper pipe to collect the steam.

scottland 11-27-2012 03:12 AM

Since distilling alcohol is illegal, it's against thr rules to discuss it here on Homebrewtalk. If you're so inclined, do a google search, and you'll find information on it.

But ya, drop the topic here. The mods will close this thread shortly.

TheCarnie 11-27-2012 03:14 AM

In before the lock!

Ogri 11-27-2012 03:16 AM


45_70sharps' comment must have been far too subtly disguised for our budding shiner:D

And here comes the ice pick to the forehead!!!!!!;)

passedpawn 11-27-2012 03:17 AM


thisbeluke 11-27-2012 03:18 AM

Distilling might be illegal but you could freeze your beer multiple times to condense it to a 20+% beer. Have a look at brewdog the Scottish brewery.

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