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porky_pine 01-28-2013 08:44 PM

Too much Special Roast?
I was planning on making an American pale ale that called for 2 lbs. of toasted pale malt and the guy at the LHBS said if I went with Special Roast it would be a good sub for the toasted malt, and I wouldn't have to toast it myself. So I bought the 2 lbs. of special roast. I got home and read up on it and pretty much every recipe that uses it only calls for 1/2 lb of it at the most and it adds a sourdough/biscuty flavor that might not taste good in an American Pale. It's also darker than the toasted malt would be. So I brewed an English Pale/ESB, we'll see how 2 lbs. of special roast tastes, hopefully it's good.

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