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pwndabear 01-25-2013 06:42 PM

Things that make you go RAGE
Us homebrewers/beer enthusiasts can be quite the snooty bunch when it comes to our passion. More often than not, I tend to turn a cheek to the offender who calls all craft beer "dark" or who flagrantly claims that their miller is far superior to any craft beer, however there are times when I can't help but rage on the inside.

Recently I was on a brewery tour. Everything was going fine and it was your pretty standard tour where the guide asked what the 4 main ingredients of beer were etc. The tour kept moving on and we got to the fermenters. And then the guide proclaimed that all beer is lagered. Now, hold on one second there. Wait. Nuh uh.

Listen, I get that most commercial beer will be cooled to a degree at some point but that is NOT the process of lagering. I flipped out on the inside, clenched my jaw on the outside and didn't waste any amount of time speaking up; mouth shut, I finished the tour and enjoyed some great beer.

What are some things that people have said or done that really just got your goat?

Bensiff 01-25-2013 07:38 PM

Maybe he meant all their beer was lagered before packaging and not all beer?

I used to get a little annoyed about things and then I realized it is because the hobby is of great interest to me so that makes details also matter to me and the average person really doesn't care and because they don't care they won't retain the information and will probably look at a person trying to correct everyone as a fanboy know-it-all. So, those things don't phase me.

Now, if people started saying brewing is distillation and should be illegal and tried to take away my legal activity based on false information, I would have a serious issue.

Homercidal 01-25-2013 07:55 PM

Where was this place? I will send them a letter if you wish.

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