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dietz31684 04-26-2012 10:55 PM

Thank you HBT members
I am a self proclaimed hophead. I always thought that it would be complicated to make a good IPA. After endless hours scouring these forums I realized that brewing is as complicated as you want to make it. If you pay close attention to a few details (temps, yeast health, sanitation) you can make good brew. I've been making simple recipes and they are very good. The last few batches I used the same base recipe only experimenting with hops and yeasts. All of them have turned out great, I have Yoopers DFH60 fermenting right now and have an IPA and belgian planned for Saturday. Granted I'm not puming out HopSlam or Nugget Nectar but it's damn good beer regardless, my friends agree. I'm moving forward brewing partial mashes trying different specialty grains until I can afford a bigger brew pot to try BIAB but very happy with my extract batches till then. :mug:

Here's what I'm drinking now and I love it! My only complaint is the mouthfeel, it feels a bit watery but the taste is there.

7# extra light LME - 10 min
0.5# dextrose - 10 min
1# crystal 10l - 20 min @ 155 F
1.00 cascade - 60
0.5 cascade - 10
0.5 citra - 10
0.5 cascade - 0
0.5 citra - 0

2.0 cascade - dry hop
1.0 citra - dry hop

Thanks to everyone, no doubt you guys saved me a ton of $ and time. My worst mistake so far was on my first batch, I bought a kit and used the supplied muntons 5 gram yeast pack...enough said. Since using Nottingham and s-05/04 life has been verryyy good! Making my first starter tonight for the Belgian, first go at liquid yest too.

This post is basically to say thanks to all of the members who contribute on a regular basis. I have no doubt that I'll continue to make good brew and maybe even break into the realm of great brew one day.

PS: work sucks after afpelwein :cross:

david_42 04-26-2012 11:06 PM

Very true. Unlike many hobbies, homebrewers can make good beer with minimal equipment. Great beer is within the reach of extract brewing. You can burn cash for flashy all-grain equipment and still make good beer. You can even go pro with a reasonable chance of success.

JRems 04-27-2012 12:23 AM

If you want a little more mouthfeel with a dry ipa try to increase the carbonation closer to 3 volumes.

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