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fasttimes 05-23-2012 09:39 PM

A termite and beer delima....
I've got an issue brewing involving bugs and beers. I recently brewed my first lagers ever, an Oktoberfest and a Maibock. I brewed them back to back and as of a couple of days ago I just started a diacetyl rest. The two bb fermenters are in a temp controlled fridge in the garage and I just raised the temp to 75 and the beer is slowing warming up.

Now comes the issue. I've just found out I have termites and that my house will have to be tented. They have told me that all food items will have to be removed from the house for 3 days. Now that puts me in a pickle with these two beers and what to do about it. The tenting of the house could be done in a week, or 3 weeks, but I assume the sooner the better. I'm in Miami, so leaving it out somewhere is not really "room temps" unless you consider 78 in someoneís house cool enough?

Should I wait a week with the diacetyl rest and then transfer them to a keg? Then move the kegs to a friendís house for the three days and then bring back and slowly lower to lager temps?
Or I could transfer them to secondary and then take the secondary to friends house for the time and then back for lagering?
Another option would be to sit them in a cooler and surround in ice water, but it'll be hard for me to be attentive to it for the 3 days.

Any ideas???

BargainFittings 05-23-2012 11:27 PM

I would finish the rest, transfer to secondary, take them with you and and then store in a cooler with as much ice as you can pack around them daily while you wait.

Dump and replenish the ice daily should work fine.

Brewski1975 05-24-2012 01:48 AM

Nothing to worry about here fasttimes. I'm in the termite control industry and this is an easy fix. The fumigation co. will give you bags called nylofume bags. These bags are the size of a large trash bag, they are used for putting your food from the fridge and freezer into so they can stay in the fridge while the tent is on the house. Ask them for a few extras to put the bb's into and leave them right in the fermentation chamber.

fasttimes 05-24-2012 12:59 PM

Thanks Brewski, I'll ask if they have them. They did say I had to remove all food so I hope they carry them.

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