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Dougan 04-06-2009 02:00 AM

Superior Brewfest '09
Just got back from the 2009 Brewfest in Superior. Had a pretty good time. Surly Brewing was there and they had a double IPA that was awesome. Drank enough of it to forget the ride back to the hotel. Minocqua Brewing was there and although I liked most of their beers, their IPA sort of irritated me as it was terribly lacking on that bitterness required in an IPA.

I was slightly disappointed at the variety of beers there, though... being somewhat of a hophead lately I had trouble finding beers that satisfy my pallet. I suppose you have to appeal to the masses, even at an event like that. There were millions of 'amber lagers' and things like that.

There was a ton of Belgian-style beers there. I learned this weekend that I hate Belgian beers. However, I was glad there were so many. Several of my most recent batches have had a distinct off-flavor and I've been trying to decide if it's some sort of infection from my food-grade bucket primaries or if it was an off-flavor from fermentation temps. The off-flavor tastes like all of these Belgian Beers (I made an APA that was on the mild side hopwise for my friends, and New Glarus' Stone Soup tasted identical) so I think I can safely decide it's fermentation temps (I would have preferred infection, easier to solve).

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