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Hoppy_Chulo 06-19-2013 11:43 PM

Should I quit my brewing job?
I work in a Texas brewery and I love my job. The only problem is the pay isn't that great. Should I find another job?

kh54s10 06-19-2013 11:47 PM

What are your chances of getting a new job right away? For the most part the job market still sucks.

BTW is that $800/week? If so I would say you are paid pretty damn good for a low skill job.

mattd2 06-19-2013 11:53 PM

Yeah more details needed, what are you responablities? Also is that $800 in the hand or gross?
What could you do other than this job and what would you likely get paid? There is no point quiting if all you could get is a labouring job @ $600 / week
Would you move, have a look over on probrewer.com for other brewery oportunities.

Hoppy_Chulo 06-20-2013 12:01 AM

Every two weeks.

mjdonnelly68 06-20-2013 12:02 AM

Yes you should.

lumpher 06-20-2013 12:05 AM

only you can decide that. my decision would be based on if i had another job to go to. $400/week is better than $0 a week, though. you can look while working

Hoppy_Chulo 06-20-2013 12:08 AM

It's tough to swallow when the person that works with you makes over double what you make and your doing the brunt of all the work.

kh54s10 06-20-2013 12:10 AM

I suggest getting the new job lined up, then give 2 weeks notice. If not you are likely to be working for the same or less if you are even able to find a new job. There are tons of people out there that have been on unemployment for the entire allotted time. And remember the unemployment rate has not improved much since 2007.

Dr. Francois 06-20-2013 12:13 AM

$400/wk for 40hrs/wk take-home is rough. To put in perspective, though, it is only slightly less than I made as a first year public school teacher. Mine was more like $430/wk and I worked 50+ hours plus many weekends.

Look around at other employees...is anyone making ends meet? What do you need to do to get his or her job?

Johnnyhitch1 06-20-2013 12:14 AM


Originally Posted by Hoppy_Chulo (Post 5288217)
It's tough to swallow when the person that works with you makes over double what you make and your doing the brunt of all the work.

Is that person the owner? How many people are in your "crew" and how many are at your payscale?

Brewing is a world, in my eyes at least, that will always be a low paying job unless your the owner/head brewer/marketing/sales or have a butt load of experience.

Its labor intensive but at the end of the day its the same bull**** they can teach to the next kid.

How much free beer do you go home with??:p

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