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Funkenjaeger 06-15-2008 08:22 PM

A satisfying (and educational) fermentation...
Today marks the first time I've ever had a beer ferment all the way down to 1.010-1.011. I've probably never broken 1.014 in the past... So although I'd say I've got a ways to go on really nailing my process down, at least now I know that if I play my cards right I'm at least capable of hitting my target FG without needing to make any drastic changes.

This batch also served to identify the differences between yeasts. It's an 11 gal batch of Ed's Haus Pale (with some tweaks), split into two carboys - one with Nottingham, the other with US-05. Due to a little heat wave, fermentation was in the low 70's for the first couple of days, tapering down to mid-to-high 60's as the week wore on. The difference in hydrometer samples was stunning - it was like night and day. US-05's rated for up to 75F, but nottingham's only rated up to 70F - so, not surprisingly, the US-05 half is pretty clean, with very little aroma, and the nottingham half has a much stronger taste and aroma. It doesn't smell/taste like jet fuel or anything - it'll certainly be drinkable, but it definitely comes across as more 'hot'. The taste could be confused with excessive hop bitterness. I'll withhold judgement until I get it kegged, dry hopped, cold, cleared, and carbed. No matter how much you hear people talk about these things, it's no substitute for experiencing it yourself.

Looks like I'll be avoiding nottingham this summer for the batches where my fermentation chiller is already occupied...

Revvy 06-15-2008 08:48 PM

Cool experiment, and good to know...Thanks for posting it!!

I've been playing around with ghetto temp control for the last few brews now that the temp has gotten warmer, BUT I just tasted a pre-temp control brew that got hit with the heat and it definitely is not up to par (I brewed it with some captured pacman)which really should be brewed in the 60-70 range (according to Rogues Brewmaster, who prefers it in the low 60's).

It's not terrible, but just isn't up to my previous batches (brewed in the winter where in room temps keep it in the 60's)

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