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Lando 08-08-2010 01:23 PM

Raging Dog IPA?
I was at a local joint last night and they had a tap handle from flying dog labeled Raging Dog IPA. I have had most of their offerings, but never heard of Raging Dog (not to be confused with Raging Bitch. This beer was completely different and did not taste like a belgian ipa at all)
It is not listed on their website and a quick search did not bring it up.
Anyone know anything about this beer? I can say I was not impressed by it at all and I typically like a lot of the stuff from Flying Dog.
This was my second trip to this place to try this beer in order to give it a second chance. Even though I did not care for it I figured I would at least see if I could find out what kinds of malts and hops were used as a future reference.

Suthrncomfrt1884 08-08-2010 02:45 PM

I've never heard of Raging Dog. I think someone probably probably screwed up on the menu, or you read the tap handle wrong. I wonder if they sensor the tap handles for certain places?

It's also possible that they had the wrong keg hooked up to it, so you got the wrong beer. It's happened to me plenty of times. I once got a beer I was told was 90 minute. I know 90 minute like the back of my hand. I could pick it out of a lineup of 50 beers. But...this beer was NOT 90 minute, and since no one at the bar had tried it, they were unaware.

Lando 08-08-2010 03:53 PM

I can say without a doubt that I did not read it wrong on the two occasions I was there. It was a flying dog tap handle behind the bar and less than 8 feet away. Complete with Ralph Stedman art...etc. It was also listed on the sandwich board as the same thing.
Wrong keg on the wrong tap handle maybe, but that still leaves the question of what is raging dog? Whatever it was, it was not one i will go back for a third time.
And since my two visits there were a week apart I think they would have had to put the same wrong beer on the same tap at least twice.

I also wondered about the censoring thing for the tap handle, but I could not place the beer that it would be since the raging bitch and pale ale taste nothing like this one.
Possibly a dirty tap with pale ale maybe?

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