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ArcaneXor 07-08-2009 06:22 PM

PSA: Hops are getting dirt-cheap again :)
Just a PSA:

I was just checking the HopsDirect web site, and it's pretty amazing that you can get hops for as cheap as $10.50/lb again (a year ago, that would have gotten us maybe 3-4 oz max for most varieties). Some other web sites charge about twice as much as HopsDirect does, so it pays to shop around.

frolickingmonkey 07-08-2009 06:54 PM

Yeah, I stocked up a couple months ago with pellets from Hops Direct... And I know LOTS of other HBT members have done the same, including a huge group buy organized by The Pol.

Funny thing is, now it looks like my favorite cheap yeast (Nottingham) is about to get more expensive?

weirdboy 07-08-2009 07:00 PM

Yes, I have about 8 or 9 pounds in my freezer now.

MrShake 07-08-2009 08:11 PM

I'm not a big fan of paying 8 bucks for a 1lb package for shipping.

MBasile 07-08-2009 08:12 PM

what is the quality of these hops?

Trubadour 07-08-2009 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by MBasile (Post 1421777)
what is the quality of these hops?

Hopefully they're good. I just got a lb of centennial and a lb of columbus in the mail today :rockin:

$9 shipping, so $50 total. $1.56 per oz. Beats $3.50-$4.00 from the LHBS

Tonedef131 07-08-2009 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by MBasile (Post 1421777)
what is the quality of these hops?

They are the freshest hops I have ever been able to find.

Boerderij_Kabouter 07-08-2009 08:23 PM

The freshness from hops direct was good imo. Well packaged and smelled fresh. Initial tastes of my first beers brewed with them are good.

I bought a bunch of stuff and have used the cascade, centennial, and hersbrucker. Many of their hops are under $1.50 now. That is literally less than 25% of LHBS costs in many cases.

Blender 07-08-2009 08:41 PM

I have 3 pounds arriving today. Hopsdirect is a good vendor.

ShortSnoutBrewing 07-08-2009 09:13 PM

Bastards...just got back from the LHBS and still paying $3/oz.

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