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HopSong 11-25-2012 01:11 AM

I'm here for a few days...been to SanTan, Four Peaks and another I wasn't impressed with.. Don't remember the place from last year..

Give me a couple great options.. And a few great IPA's and stouts

dfc 11-25-2012 01:26 AM

Papago in Scottsdale is really good.


The beer is great and the food is great. The service can be a bit slow though, so expect that. It's worth it if you're not in a rush though. I really like their American black ale and if I remember correctly they have a coconut coffee porter or something along those lines. That one is really good too.

Here is a list I found.


I've never been to the brewpub, but Sonora makes some great beer. I hope that helps!

scottland 11-25-2012 01:34 AM

Hop Knot from Four Peaks is one of the best local brews. Most of their beers very good, although they aren't exactly adventurous. SanTan is kind of meh, although their beers have slowly improved. Papago is a fun place to go. Never much buzz around their beers, but they have like 30 taps, most with other breweries beers. Great selection.

Lumberyard IPA from flagstaff is excellent. It's canned (no idea if they date their cans though.) if you're in the East Valley, check out the Hungry Monk or Flanny's. Both bars have an excellent craft selection.

Oh, and Bells is distributed here. Two hearted ale is in every craft beer shop.

HopSong 11-29-2012 01:44 PM

Didn't get to Four Peaks or Papago this time. I liked FP last time. This trip we went to Old Town.. it was.. meh.. My son said it was better a couple months ago when he and his girlfriend went. That said, they had a couple of interesting ones. I had an amber I liked as well as another I don't know the name of.. but it was a beer that would be a great intro to sours.. if I had a case of that, I'd maybe get into the sours.. So far, I don't care for them.. even Russian River.. they are too "over the top" for me.

We did, however, get to Phoenix Brewery. The people that own it used to own Pyramid.. sold it and started Phoenix. Gotta say, I liked their beers a lot. We got a GREAT deal from Groupon. Bought two of them. We each got an 8 beer taster along with a pint of our favorite and a beer glass.

Another brewery we went to is a brand new one that was recommended by Phoenix. It's called Fate.. owned by a guy named McFate or MacFate. They also had some great brews. I stuck with the pale ale but finished off my son's girlfriends porter... Lots of good Mmmm's along with a couple of good pizza's.

andycr 11-29-2012 01:55 PM

Don't have any new ones to add, but San Tan is good stuff. Lots of variety, great food, some of the best pale ale and IPA in the state.

Hackwood 11-30-2012 06:18 AM

HAHA I was going to mention Fate, but I see you already posted it. I've been GEEKING for it to actually open since Sept. when I first saw their "Open Soon" banner. I DID make it in this past Friday and took home a pie and a growler of their Pale Ale. Tried it tongiht(I was ON-CALL the past week) and it is pretty darned good. I will be making it over there to test some others soon.

If you are going to be here 12-1-12, try and make it by What Ales Ya for their brew day. Free BBQ and testing all day.

HopSong 11-30-2012 06:30 AM

We were there on Tues nite. Went to see Lincoln at that movie theater where they serve you food.. in the ritzy section of town.. Biltmore??? Then went to Fate. I had their pale ale also. When I was at Phoenix Brewery, I had a bunch of brews also but, because the evening was young, I chose Hoppy Valley pale ale. It was only 4%.. but, boy, it packed a flavor punch.. big time

daksin 11-30-2012 07:24 AM


Originally Posted by HbgBill (Post 4635221)
...I chose Hoppy Valley pale ale. It was only 4%.. but, boy, it packed a flavor punch.. big time

Hmm, I may have to check that one out next time I'm in the area, which will be soon. Any other favs?

HopSong 11-30-2012 02:28 PM

Memory of past years is a bit hazy.. but, I think I'd still consider Four Peaks best.. followed by Phoenix. (Mc)Fear is very new.. but very good beer. San Tan was big and popular.. Had a lot of taps of different brews they brewed and from other companies. Papago had almost nothing that they made when I was there last year.. don't know about now.. but, it was loud and very dirty. Great beer selection in the fridge tho. Not the best experience for me. So far, Old World is at the bottom of my list. The place was dead.. a Monday evening.. but the brewer was tending bar and was a great guy. My son said the beer was better a month ago.. so, does that mean inconsistency? I don't know. I'll try them again. I think they may suffer from not being in a good location. The brewery is nice and definitely has the ability to expand.

Obviously, others experiences may differ. The craft brewing scene is starting to grow in the area. There is a new nano we didn't get a chance to try.. I think it's OSO or something like that.

scottland 11-30-2012 03:31 PM

I'll have to checkout Fate. I'll be honest, I've had Phoenix Brewery's beers, and I wasn't impressed, very run of the mill.

Sleepy Dog falls into that same category, very meh. Four Peaks is the only brewery in town that I actually recommend

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