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CelticBlast 05-19-2007 04:10 PM

OSG Problems
I'm in need of help!! Last 4 batches of partial grain recipes have ranged from 15 - 20 below suggested original specific gravity. I've replaced my hydrometer and still have this happening. I've been brewing off and on for close to 20 years and can't figure it out. My finals are not dropping to where the specific gets me the result I'm looking for. Results in taste and clarity have been fine. Just making too many session brews. I do not rush anything and give all my brews plenty of primary, secondary and conditioning time. What can my problem be?? :(

z987k 05-19-2007 08:16 PM

If your doing partial mashes and the OG is low, add more extract to bring it up. Care to post you recipe(s)?

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