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roverlandpark 03-12-2010 02:03 AM

Omaha - Good Places for Good Beer?
I'm heading up to Omaha next weekend and was wondering if there were any recommendations for good beer. Brewpubs or any place with a wide selection of craft beer would be nice. Thanks in advance!

Catch-22 03-12-2010 03:50 PM


Have been here and it was pretty good. Tried the sampler. They do have cask conditioned but when I was there a year ago, the cask wasn't very good, had a musty twang. Overall, better than a bud at any other bar.

Virant518 03-12-2010 05:31 PM

Upstream has some good stuff. I bring a growler back every time I'm in Omaha. Their corked bottle stuff is superb as well.

I never had luck finding decent beer at more liquor/grocery stores.

Beertopia was a RAD store though- 36th and Farnham. Simply a superb beer store. Right next door was a great beer bar called the Crescent Moon - also worth a visit!

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