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Bulls Beers 11-02-2007 02:42 AM

Ok everybody, What's up for 2008???
In the spirt of nosnh0jr's thread last year, What's up for 2008? Ramping up or slowing down??? Is it an extract year or an all grain?
Since i started homebrewing in sept of 07. In 08 i will:

Have 2 beers on tap, and Drinking 3..
Brew all grain....Gulp!!
Get together with other Homebrewers.
Brew better beers...
Make a great guinness beer clone....

Not weigh much more than i do now..:D
and of couse drink some great beer!!!

oh ya, and have a great time in Munich Germany next year....

Ryanh1801 11-02-2007 02:43 AM

Make some sour beers.

cubbies 11-02-2007 02:08 PM

I am going to get a mill and start buying my grain in bulk. That is something I am looking forward to. Not only will the cost of my beers go down doing this, but also to have the ability to brew on a whim is going to be great. I plan on getting a big sack of american two-row, another of MO, and 5-10lb each of different crystal and other various grains. it will be an expensive buy, but considering it will probably be the only ingredients I buy for 6 months it should be worth it. Then my other goal, which I am hopefully going to get going here in a few weeks, is brewing up some lagers. I am pretty sure my basement should get cold enough to do lager fermentations and I have extra room in my chest freezer to lager for extended periods of time. I will probably need to get some more carboy's though.

Beerthoven 11-02-2007 02:18 PM

In 2008...

I plan on brewing somewhere between 12 and 24 batches, 5 gallon all grain.

I want at least half those batches to be repeats of brews I've done before. I'm trying to nail down two or three house ales - an IPA, a bitter of somekind, and either a porter or dry stout.

I doubt I will get into kegging this year. I will buy a pond pump for faster cooling, an O2 system for aeration, and a food-saver. This will be the extent of my brewery upgrades for the year.

I want to brew my first belgian beer and my first all grain wheat beer.

I want to brew a good pumpkin ale for Thanksgiving and good holiday ale for Christmas/New Years.

My first brew of 2008 will be the 08-08-08 Russian Imperial Stout.

I plan on hanging out with fellow homebrewers more, and continuing to read as much as I can about beer and brewing.

I'd like to get my AG brew time down to about 4 hours so I can do it on weeknights.

BierMuncher 11-02-2007 02:25 PM

Build some storage bins for my bulk grains in the brew shop.
Put a bigger TV in my brewshop.
Get at least 8-10 of my cornies filled and hidden for proper aging.
Stock up on some bottles so I can preserve more of my beers longer and free up keg space.
Participate in at least three competitions.
Participate in all swaps on HBT.
Try not to loose a limb while cleaning my keggle.

Ó Flannagáin 11-02-2007 02:29 PM

In 2008 I would like to...

1. Start lagering and make schwarzbeir

2. Move from 4 to 6 kegs on tap at all time

3. Add shanks and faucets instead of picnic taps

4. Brew sour belgians

5. Get some oak casks for such belgians

6. Enter at least 1 competition

... hope I'm not setting the bar too high.

Cheesefood 11-02-2007 02:42 PM

My goals...

1. Improve overall quality
2. Learn to use new hops
3. Meet more HBTers
4. Build a kegerator
5. Build a single tier stand
6. Get the wife to enjoy Edmund Fitzgerald
7. Brew a couple new styles that I'll like
8. Enter a beer into competition
9. Improve consistancy
10. Further my education on what makes beer great.

Yooper 11-02-2007 02:43 PM

I'm going to start kegging, and am going to try to convince one of my friends to help me drill my fridge and install taps. I'm not sleeping with him, so I don't know if he'll help me as fast as I'd like.

I'm going to remember to brew in the summer, since September was a pretty dry month for me. I was actually almost out of homebrew until mid-October.

Funkenjaeger 11-02-2007 02:47 PM

1) get a keg to convert to a keggle and start doing 10 gallon batches
2) get more acquainted with malt-oriented beers due to the hop prices/availability
3) make a habit of bottling from the keg, bottling at least a 12-pack or more from each batch in order to build up a good stockpile of different beers to keep a variety on hand at any one time
4) after making a habit of #3, start entering competitions when I have something worthy
5) also participate in HBT beer swaps
6) do some real high-gravity brews, bottle, take them home, stick them in the basement, and forget about them for several months
7) come up with at least one original recipe, rather than modifying someone else's, and brew/revise it until it's good enough to become a real "house" beer
8) stop procrastinating on my brewing-related electronics projects and finish building all the cool gadgets I have in mind, so I can stop kicking myself every time I brew about how much time I could be saving if I had them
9) continue improving my process for yeast culturing (slants) and keep expanding my stock of different liquid yeasts, to have enough variety on hand to brew nearly any style I want, and be able to reliably bring it back to pitchable quantities in a reasonable amount of time
10) improve my palate to the point where I can do a much better job of identifying different good/bad flavors in my beer so I can more easily figure out how to control them. This ought to help a lot with #7
11) do more mini-batches (either on their own or splitting a small amount from a larger batch) to get a better feel for how different grains/hops/yeast affect the beer... This ought to help a lot with #7 and #10

Looking back on my list, I'm pleased with myself that most of the things on the list don't involve spending lots of money on additional equipment. I've only been brewing for about 11 months, but I shudder to think about how much money I've spent so far - it's definitely over $1000 easily (building a kegerator was a big part of it), and maybe closer to $2000, so I very much like the idea that I've finally got most of the stuff that I need for a while and that in 2008 I can dramatically reduce my spending by buying mostly just ingredients and not too much equipment.

And by the way, great thread :D I think setting a list of goals is a great thing, and it really helps to see other people's goals as well.

Chairman Cheyco 11-02-2007 02:54 PM

As you guys probably know, I haven't been contributing much around here lately. This has been because my brewing (I feel) reached a point at which major brewery upgrades were required. I've been away from home, working a ton this year, so these upgrades have not been possible, and thus I haven't brewed since May. So, here goes;

1. Get back to my home-slices at HBT
2. Upgrade the SWT brewery.
3. Keggerator.
4. Brew the **** out of the new brewery
5. Put another story on my house.
6. Build a new garage
7. Get something with 'twin turbo' in it's description to put in new garage. :D

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