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beaumc 09-24-2007 06:17 AM

Oh dear....
I'm fairly new to the hme brewing game. ive only done two previous batches, and im in the middle of my third - butIve already had a few 'oh-no' moments.

First of all was when I accidentally let my first ever wort boil over and then in a desperate panic I used a spoon to gradually get as much of the spill-overback into the pot.

Then there was the time when I just ripped open a ba of dried malt extrat, ready to put into the boiling pot, when a massive up-gust of steam blew half the packd into my face....luckily i had some back up dextrose on hand.

Then, again during my first attempt, i tried to help cool the wort down by adding ice cubes, however i ddt realise that they were actually lemon cordial ice cubes my brother had made. Although, that wasnt such a big deal in the end.

Anyone else care to share their 'oh no' stories?

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