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Schnitzengiggle 07-23-2009 10:56 PM

New Three Sheets episode, question???
I watched the 1st episode of the fourth Three Sheets season on Monday the 20th, and Zane was in Wales.

I found one pub very interesting, where their keg system was actually primed, and their taps were "hand pumped", did anyone else catch this?

If so, has anyone ever tried this type of system, or have any knowledge or info on it?

I thought it was brilliant, I have it DVR'd so I need to watch it again, but I beleive they said that once the keg is tapped it had to be used within 48 hours if I'm not mistaken.

I just thought it was really cool, and I was wondering if something similar could be done with say a 3 gallon corny. All of the kegs they were using in that pub were the side bung type, I don't know if that makes any difference or if it simply for storage purposes, but at any rate it was cool!

KayaBrew 07-23-2009 10:59 PM

I think those types of taps/kegs are what're referred to as "Cask Conditioned" Ales. They have to be consumed rather quickly because the kegs don't hold pressure, hence the pumping.

carnevoodoo 07-23-2009 11:21 PM

Yeah. Cask conditioned it is. People also call it Real Ale. If you look up CAMRA, you'll be able to read all about it.

carbon111 07-23-2009 11:42 PM

For a beer to "legally" be called Real Ale, it can't be force-carbonated or dispensed by gas. Mechanical dispensing is the only allowed method. There's some good info about this in Terry Foster's Pale Ale book. Many "bottle conditioned" beers are also Real Ales.

Amazon.com: Pale Ale, Revised: History, Brewing, Techniques, Recipes (Classic Beer Style Series, 1) (9780937381694): Terry Foster: Books


What is Real Ale?

Real ale is a beer brewed from traditional ingredients (malted barley, hops water and yeast), matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide.

Brewers use ingredients which are fresh and natural, resulting in a drink which tastes natural and full of flavour. It is literally living as it continues to ferment in the cask in your local pub, developing its flavour as it matures ready to be poured into your glass.

Real ale is also known as ‘cask-conditioned beer’, ‘real cask ale’, real beer’ and ‘naturally conditioned beer.’

Schnitzengiggle 07-23-2009 11:51 PM

That's what it was "cask conditioned", cool, I thought it was neat.

I'd never seen it before.

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