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jar234psu 07-12-2010 04:24 AM

Need Suggestions on a Brewing Schedule
Hi everyone,

I recently posted a thread in which I solicited suggestions for some brews that I'll be (happily!) making for my wedding, which will be in July 2011. I got some outstanding recommendations, and I feel like I have a good tentative slate of offerings, which run quite a wide range and will hopefully provide the guests with a really unique and memorable experience.:mug:

Basically, I'm hoping for some feedback on the order in which these things should be brewed. I have one year to make 50 gallons. In no particular order:

1) Single IPA - Pliny Lite ?
2) Mango Pale Ale
3) English pub bitter - ESB
4) Chocolate/cherry porter
5) Czech style pils
6) Apfelwein - Ed Wort's Apfelwein
7) Witbeer [Hooegarden]/ Belgian strong (Dubbel or trippel?)
8) American Wheat [american ale /wheat yeast} / Strawberry blonde
9) amber ale/fat tire clone
10) Vanilla Mead for toast

I'm thinking something like this: (est. brewdate in parentheses)

1) Apfelwein (12 mos till wedding)
2) Vanilla Mead (12 mos till wedding)
3) Czech Pils (6 mos )
4) Chocolate Cherry Porter (5 mos)
5) Amber ale / fat tire clone (5 mos)
6) Witbeer [Hooegarden]/ Belgian strong (Dubbel or trippel?) (4 mos)
7) American Wheat [american ale]/ Strawberry blonde? (4 mos)
8) ESB (3 Mos)
9) Single IPA / Pliny Lite (3 Mos)
10) Mango Pale Ale (2 mos)

Does this seem reasonable? Would you swap things around or leave things as-is ? I don't have too many restrictions (plenty o carboys:D) , and would mainly like to time it so that they are all served at their peak.

Thanks in advance!

thezepster 07-12-2010 05:59 AM

To my knowledge that looks like good timing for everything. Good luck trying not to drink it! ... and congrats on the wedding

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