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Colleenali 06-12-2012 11:27 PM

Moose Drool Trouble Shooting
We brewed a Moose Drool Clone about a month ago using a recipe in the 200 Homebrew Clone Recipe book. Problem is, it doesn't taste all that much like Moose Drool, it reminds me more of Chimay Red lol. Any one have any ideas where we could have gone wrong? It tastes good but I just have to get it out of my mind that its a Moose Drool clone.

igotsand 06-12-2012 11:47 PM

Post the recipe...

Colleenali 06-12-2012 11:55 PM

ty for asking that Igotstand, I feel like an idiot now (not because of you). I went to get the recipe and I realized that we used a different DME for carbonation than what the recipe called for and I forgot that we had done that. I think this explains the difference in flavor.

Geordan 06-13-2012 12:09 AM

It's highly unlikely that your priming agent -- even DME -- would have such a significant impact on your flavour. Posting the recipe and your process would be a great first step towards troubleshooting.

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