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slogger 11-19-2011 05:03 PM

Mistakes made?
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Making an ahs nz rye ipa and I have a couple of questions I'd appreciate some help with.
I'm brewing an extract and after removing the steeping grains the water just looked cloudy and opaque. Not at all what I'm used to seeing. Attached below is a pic.

Attachment 38693

Additionally I took a look at the steeping grains and they look less milled than what I'm use to. Finally the temp on my water I soaked the grains dipped to 125 after twenty minutes of steeping.
Should I be worried about any of these potential mistakes?

Gunrunner 11-19-2011 06:08 PM

I think you will be ok. If the grains were for steeping they will add some to your OG but if they were not milled then it would add less to your beer. Was you OG on target?

bengerman 11-20-2011 02:55 AM

whenever i've worked with rye it's made the water look kinda like used mop water when fairly dilute (i've done a few all-rye brews, and the second and third runnings normally look that way)

AussieBrewerInColorado 11-20-2011 03:02 AM

+1 bengerman, my guess would be probably the different grain than you're used to.

bengerman 11-20-2011 03:18 AM


that was my first all-rye during the mash (BIAB)

*pours beer...drinks beer...snaps picture*

and here it is in the flesh.
the second batch was much clearer, but you get the idea ;)

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