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TheWeeb 09-05-2012 12:34 AM

Lady Rumpkin Homebrew vs. Elysian Great Pumpkin
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I picked up a bomber of Elysian's The Great Pumpkin imperial Pumpkin Ale for $9.95 at a liquor store here in Denber, and as soon as I opened it, wondered how it compared to my own Lady Rumpkin version that I had bottled just two short weeks ago. A completely biased side by side taste test was in order!


Rumpkin: alspice, cloves, peach, raisin, slight rum note

Great Pumpkin: light spice, earthy, hot alcohol


Rumpkin: Creamy head, dark red, translucent but not transparent, thick, nice lace

Great Pumpkin: Cloudy orange, creamy head, nice lacing


Rumpkin: Allspice, clove, sweet malk, pumpkin with a slight vegetable note, finish is slightly tart

Great Pumpkin: Sweet, nutty, roasted pumpkin seeds which I really liked, minimal spice, hot alcohol finish


Rumpkin: champagne-like carbonation plays on the tongue, creamy, full, no rum burn which was expected

Great Pumpkin: A bit thick, syrupy, carbonation more like an English session beer, but hot

I cannot tell you which one overall I like better.... okay, I liked mine, but I am biased. It was made with love, less expensively, and I have it here to enjoy. The recipe is here:

That said, if you can get ahold of the Great Pumpkin, it is really enjoyable!

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